A Proper Heart

SEPTEMBER 18, 2020

Torn between the duty of a loveless marriage and her childhood crush, Allie has no idea which way to turn…

Allie Coghill is a woman on the edge. Forced into a train wreck of a marriage, she knows her choices are limited and her time is running out.

It’s 1910 and, in northern Idaho, all of her options come with the potential for disastrous consequences. So when her childhood crush, Frank, appears out of nowhere and seems eager to join her as she escapes from her marriage, Allie accepts his help knowing she will have to take care not to lose her heart to him.

But Allie’s husband won’t let her go without a fight. As his rage against her escalates to the point of no return, at the same time a record-breaking wildfire ignites the land, forcing Allie to make a final choice and hope she can escape the flames before they consume her.


A Proper Home

SEPTEMBER 18, 2020

Allie’s troubles are far from over. The new year seems promising, but it doesn’t take long for trouble to come knocking…

Allie and Frank have chosen Wiley City, Washington to settle down in and, at first, things look rosy. But it isn’t long before the couple realizes how serious the growing typhoid epidemic is and how much Frank will have to sacrifice in his duties as the town’s new doctor.

Frank struggles to help Allie but finds it difficult as he’s pulled in multiple directions. And after having the worst season of her life, Allie is having trouble finding the strength to deal with her heartache.

Allie knows there’s a deeper meaning to all of this. And with Frank busy with his own affairs, she just hopes she can muster up the willpower and inner strength to find it.


About Me


Stefanie Bridges-Mikota grew up in a small town in SW Washington. She was raised by two hard working people who instilled old time values in a modern world. She married her high school sweetheart and together they have two children. She is one of those people who, despite quickly approaching middle age, is still trying to decide what to do when she grows up. She has worked in a variety of fields which has given her some great knowledge to work into future books. To follow Stefanie like her Facebook page,, or send her an email at  She loves hearing from her readers.


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