By His Hand

MARCH 18, 2018

Allie is racing the flames and praying for rain.
Alice Coghill finds herself in a train wreck of a marriage. It pushes her to the edge.
In 1910 Northern Idaho, her choices are limited, and time is running out. A difficult decision must be made, but with each option comes a separate, but still disastrous consequence.
Frank, her childhood crush, appears from nowhere and is eager to join her. While she needs him to help her flight, she doesn’t want to lose her heart. 
Will she settle on an option she can live with before the physical and metaphorical flames consume her?


In His Time

JUNE 18, 2018

Just when the fires clear, floods, disease, doubt, and death take their place.

 Allie Hubbard has had enough prior troubles. 1911 seems promising. Greater forces, however, have other plans and pour out a fresh round of trials.

Frank, her new husband, would do anything to see her through. Regardless of his wants, his practice seems to pull him away at every turn. Struggling with how to help his wife, he finds himself treading water with his own affairs.

With all ebb and no flow, both hope to survive unscathed. Can Allie find the strength to pull through so soon after the worst season of her life? Or will the waters clear enough for her to find deeper meaning through her heartache?


For His Will

DECEMBER 7, 2018

Gladys Wimble grew into the mirror image of her mother. She now despises the pretentious person she came to be. Change is difficult, but made harder when that’s all you know. It becomes near impossible when those closest refuse to let you bloom. Deciding only one way out, she boards a train and takes the biggest chance to resurrect her life.

Ravensdale, Washington is a far cry from Deer Lodge, Montana. Everything and everyone about it are night and day different. The only similarities are the year 1914, and her job as teacher. Her fancy, developed community back home looks like a sprawling city compared to the rugged, makeshift mining community she just jumped head first into. Little does she know, disaster awaits, testing her further yet.

Gladys knows what to do, but knowing and doing are proving two very different things. When her best laid plans crumble, can she piece them back together to complete the transformation she wishes for? Will anyone give her the opportunity to make that change?


  Through His Grace


When your life becomes a whirlwind by the hand of another, take the time to let the dust settle. Some issues may have swept away with the gust.

Gladys Wimble is starting over once again. This time those she loves are with her. Having them, the cramped quarters and lack of a job seem easily managed, but time has a way of intensifying even the smallest of issues.

New Albany, Indiana is a bustling city in 1915. Half of the state’s wealthy call the city home. Opportunities abound, but stark differences between the haves and have nots are seen around every corner. Despite her own needs, Gladys digs in and helps others where she can.

Gladys knew what she wanted. She had a plan. With a new place and new people, her path now seems less ideal. When the scattering winds die, will she stick to her plans or let life lead her? Or will the chaos that surrounds knock her back to square one?


About Me


Stefanie Bridges-Mikota grew up in a small town in SW Washington. She was raised by two hard working people who instilled old time values in a modern world. She married her high school sweetheart and together they have two children. She is one of those people who, despite quickly approaching middle age, is still trying to decide what to do when she grows up. She has worked in a variety of fields which has given her some great knowledge to work into future books. To follow Stefanie like her Facebook page,, or send her an email at  She loves hearing from her readers.


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P.O. Box 1243 Napavine, WA 98565


P.O. Box 1243 Napavine, WA 98565


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